Medallion Analytics is a web solution designed to give you control over compliance and cost across your entire origination process. Medallion closes the gap between your loan origination system and the post-closing environment.

A diagram showing the flow of information in Medallion.
  • Collect.

    ePortal is the website where all parties connect. eWorkflow is the to-do list that drives document collection. eVault is where all your data is securely stored.

  • Extract.

    Our products pull data and text out of scanned files and PDFs. No need to re-key.

  • Audit.

    Our real-time analysis and process visualization ensure your compliance.

  • Deliver.

    Raw data goes in, compliant and error-free closings come out.

The Medallion Difference

The Medallion approach is very different from other technology solutions in the mortgage industry. It is highly configurable—requiring no up front capital or license fees, no extensive integration, and no ongoing maintenance or consulting costs. Medallion’s web solution gives you all the power of an enterprise implementation at a FRACTION OF THE COST.

Medallion brings vendors, borrowers, and your own staff together in one place, at the same time. You keep your current process, your current vendors, and your existing LOS. There are no new processes to learn. Medallion’s flexible rules engine automatically adapts to your current best practices bringing all documents and information into a secure eVault. Instead of just storing images of your documents, Medallion extracts all of the data out of those images. Data, NOT images. Now you have data instead of just PDFs. Medallion then analyzes your information in REAL time. The result is extensive audit capability ensuring compliance and enabling error free closings—as well as a secure vault of all documents and information that is easily accessible at any time.

Medallion gives you control over your entire process—inside your four walls and out—significantly reducing your risk and cost.

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