How are you prepared to tackle increasing volumes and regulatory scrutiny? Are you hiring more, or looking for ways to make your business scalable without hiring?

Medallion provides you with solutions that help you run and grow your operations without having to increase headcount to meet consumer and regulatory demands. Medallion solutions are created to give lenders powerful, yet easy to use, cost-effective web tools to ensure control and compliance throughout the entire loan process.

Delivered via the web, our lender solutions require no integration with your existing LOS system or upfront capital investment

Medallion QC Audit Tool™ delivers an automated quality control solution that eliminates the need for painstaking manual reviews of your initial disclosures vs. those prepared by your settlement services provider. With the push of a button, the Medallion QC Audit Tool™ identifies any errors and compliance issues within minutes. Find more about Medallion QC Audit Tool™.

Medallion Post-Close Audit Tool™ provides an automated post-closing audit and delivery solution that sorts and audits post-closing documents to ensure accuracy and completeness. Medallion manages the document variability inherent in using multiple settlement service providers or correspondent lenders so you don’t have to. Medallion Post-Close Audit Tool™ then re-arranges and delivers the documents electronically based on lender or investor specifications, all within minutes. Find more about Medallion Post-Close Audit Tool™.